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There are two methods to explain a video game: the simple, straightforward explanation and the more complicated one.

A video game is interactive digital entertainment that may be played on a computer, a game console (such as the Xbox or PlayStation), or a phone or tablet. You can now go home because the class is ended and we’ve finished. That certainly does sum it up — yet it’s not a very effective description of what’s going on here because of Tom Clancy’s division.

As TheWrap’s newest video game reporter, I hope to give clear answers for you, our readers. So here’s where I’m going to go into the more difficult explanation.

Computer game

The term “video game” encompasses a very broad range of activities. There are thousands of various video games, each of which serves as its form of amusement. We say anything is a video game since we don’t have solid classifications for all those different sorts — just general genre descriptors. Even for those of us who consider ourselves gamers, it’s perplexing.

If a person were to grow up exclusively playing video games and then discover all of the other forms of entertainment we consume daily later in life, they would likely be perplexed why movies and television are considered separate categories of media. Movies and television are indistinguishable from each other in terms of the extent of what qualifies as a video game.

Video games are virtual sports played on a computer. They’re interactive television shows and films, a collection of digital board and card games. They’re crude representations of regular life, including, most likely, whatever job you have. Some video games are creative works of art. Others have no idea what creative expression is or why you would be interested in it.