Tower Defense is a tower defense game.

These are games that will have you on the edge of your seat. Unsurprisingly, you must protect your base. Thousands of enemy troops will be thrown at you by the AI, and you must adapt and overcome their assault.

It necessitates changing your playstyle on the fly and making quick judgments to limit damage to your base and enhance efficiency.

Games of Simulation

The goal of these games is to immerse the player in mimicking an activity. They include anything from aviation simulators to city-building games.

The emphasis is on realism, giving the player the impression of performing.

Simulators of Vehicles

Vehicle Simulators are a symbol that represents the simulation of vehicles.
This kind of game has been around for a long time. In these games, the player is frequently the pilot of a plane or another car, such as a train.

The user takes charge of the vehicle as best they can, utilizing simple controls and schematics to land, take off, and draw into and out of the station, among other things.


The player constructs cities from the ground up in city-building games. Cities: Skylines and SimCity are two excellent examples of this type of game.

The player constructs buildings and connects electricity lines, water mains, highways, and byways.

Life Simulator

Players can replicate life in these games. The Sims requires the user to create both a family and a home for them to live in.

Then they’re in charge of everything from work attendance to restroom breaks.

You are immersed in the lives of the characters at all times.

Games for a Party

Party games are best played during parties and gatherings of two or more people since they require the participation of numerous individuals. They are multiplayer games, and the participants are frequently pitted against one another.

Mario Party is a well-known (or infamous, depending on your perspective) example of a party game.


Players must answer general or particular trivia questions to collect points and win in these games.

Trivial Pursuit, HQ, and Trivia Crack are three immensely popular trivia games.

Here are some further examples:

  • QuizUp \sJeopardy! Family Feud SongPop 360 World Tour Trivia
  • Games to solve puzzles
  • Icon for Puzzle Games
  • Puzzles are an excellent approach to practice logic and problem-solving abilities.
  • Some well-known instances include:
  • Candy Crush Saga Portal Tetris Braid Bejeweled Myst

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