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The first thing to mention is the load times, which I experienced while playing Outriders. All of the loading took less than 5 seconds until you signed into the server, which is fantastic. While we’re on the subject of servers, it was difficult to log in during the game’s launch weekend, and Twitter was flooded with reports of the Outriders servers being down. However, I’ve had a few disconnections since then, and the game has only crashed on me once. Why can’t I play the game in single-player mode offline?

Moving on, the game ran at 60 frames per second with a few slight hiccups. The game runs smoothly overall, and the 60 frames per second is greatly appreciated, particularly during the frantic battles.

This comes at the expense of resolution, as some low-quality textures can be seen here and there. The characters’ facial animation isn’t particularly impressive, but their armour and clothes are lavish.

You can go through the menu to look at some of the weapons up close, and their designs are all different.

Outriders isn’t really the Ghost of Tsushima (review). Even so, you’ll travel through some rich, varied landscapes, and the game excels in the one area that matters most: maintaining a steady frame rate during frantic fights.

Sound of the Outriders

The voice acting is straight out of a cheesy Hollywood film and is in line with the story’s expectations. The sound effects of the explosions and weapons would be the most noticeable. The sniper rifle has a nice loud thud, while the assault rifles have a steady battering repetition, as one would imagine. When used, even the altered skills have a strong wiggle and swoop. The game’s overall sound design is adequate to get you through the game, despite the lacklustre background score and voice acting. Furthermore, while playing with mates, you can hear their screams over the game’s background.

Outriders: The Last Word

While it lasts, Outriders is a fun trip. I wish I could try out all of the classes before choosing one, but that’s only one minor quibble in an otherwise enjoyable game. If you’re looking for a solo looter shooter or a night of social distancing gaming with friends online, Outriders’ action is frantic enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, ensuring you feel like you earned victory rather than having it handed to you on a silver platter at the end of each match. That is the most important feeling, whether you are alone or with friends. The storey and music may not appeal to everyone, but if you enjoy the gameplay, you’ll be hooked.

Setting enemies ablaze, absorbing enemy health, freezing enemies in place using a ‘Ash’ power, a blast that sets nearby enemies ablaze, and more are among the Pyromancer’s many powers. You have a better chance of surviving an experience if you use your unique abilities frequently.

Aside from the varied selection of enemies, the game also throws some ‘Altered’ enemies at you who have the same skill as you or one of the four classes listed above, giving the battle a special twist. You only have a few seconds to stop them from using a special attack, and the fights with the changed enemies serve as the game’s tense boss battles.

You can hold two guns in addition to a sidearm, and you can change the stats of the weapons you collect, just like any other looter shooter. You may also add special buffs to your arms, such as the ability to temporarily freeze an enemy in place, set them ablaze, or provide shield protection; the list is long. You can also personalise the armour you earn by adding these buffs to it.

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