Game Types

Games of Stealth

Stealth games require players to operate stealthily, completing their tasks by deception and deceit. Are you a skilled enough player to slip from one side of the map to the other? Stealth games are challenging and evocative, allowing for exploration and inventiveness.

Stealth games include Metal Gear Solid, the Thief series, and Splinter Cell.

Games of Combat

Fighting games witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity after the release of Street Fighter II in 1991. These games pit you against a human or artificial intelligence opponent, putting your combo knowledge and reflexes to the test.

Games of Survival

Players are dumped into a dangerous environment (think jungle, desert, or the Arctic) with little to no tools and faced with basic survival in survival games. For the past several years, this tendency has been on the rise. The survival genre is becoming increasingly credible because of games like Rust. There are elements of strategy, action, and role-playing in these games.

Games of Survival Horror

These games are sure to make your blood run cold and give you the creeps. The player is plunged into a hostile environment (typically) filled with eldritch creatures, requiring them to rely on battle and intuition to live.

Resident Evil was a forerunner in the genre. When confronted with zombies and other monsters while walking around the mansion, the player had the option of fleeing or fighting the dreadful things they encountered. The first game even invented the phrase “enter the survival horror.”

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