Action-Adventure Games

The most common game mechanics in action-adventure games include game-long tasks or barriers that must be overcome utilizing a tool or item obtained and an active element in which the item(s) are employed.

For example, in The Legend of Zelda, Link must go through eight dungeons to collect the Triforce of Wisdom’s dispersed components. Link can enter the ninth and last dungeon to rescue Princess Zelda after collecting all eight parts and putting the artifact together. Association contains objects from afar and attacks foes with a boomerang.

Exploration, puzzle-solving, and looting are more important in action-adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, whereas simple fighting supports the whole experience.

The terror of survival

Survival horror games like Resident Evil depict violent and gruesome situations using adult themes and subject matter (many of these games use blood and gore and are intended only for mature audiences). Limited resources, like ammo or finite weaponry, add to the suspense in these games.

Resident Evil has spawned dozens of sequels, movies, toys, books, and board games, making it one of the most successful video game franchises in history. According to Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, the first Resident Evil PlayStation game holds the worst video game speech title.


The Metroid and Castlevania games inspired this game genre, which is named after them. Metroidvania games are similar to traditional action-adventure games. Still, they aren’t linear, and they frequently force the player to backtrack or be prevented from going until they discover a certain item or unique tool. By “upgrading” your character with new weapons, skills, and other power-ups, you may get access to “special” parts of the game—but only after a boss fight, which is another prominent feature of Metroidvania-style games.

Games of Adventure

Adventure games are classified based on their gameplay type rather than their plot or substance. While technology has provided creators with new ways to explore storytelling in the genre, adventure games haven’t progressed much from their text-based roots on a fundamental level.

In adventure games, players interact with their surroundings and other characters to solve puzzles based on clues to advance the plot or gameplay. Except for the occasional mini-game, adventure games rarely contain standard video game action features. As a result, mass gamers aren’t particularly fond of the genre.

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