According to Metacritic, the best horror games of 2020 are


Several highly awaited horror games, including Chernobylite (for consoles), System Shock: Remastered Edition, and Little Nightmares 2, failed to launch on time. Other horror games, such as Remothered: Broken Porcelain, struggled to meet the standards of the majority of players. When ranking the highest-rated titles in 2020, this article will take into account both the Metacritic score and the User Rating.

User Rating: 7.0 for Maid Of Sker.

The first-person survival horror game Maid of Sker is set in a large hotel in the late 1800s. The player is attempting to free a trapped maid named Elisabeth from the hotel. The hotel is, unsurprisingly, dark and foreboding.

The ratings mentioned above are for the PC edition. Overall, the PS4 and Xbox One scores are marginally lower, and the Switch version has yet to receive a rating. Maid of Sker received mostly positive reviews for being a fun survival horror game with excellent graphics and sound. The negative reviews mainly emphasise how this game adds little to the horror game genre.

You’ll come back someday.

Someday You’ll Return is another first-person horror game, but it’s more of a puzzle horror game than a survival horror game. The player takes control of a father who is looking for his missing daughter in a nearby forest. With bright, colourful forest settings (which usually stay gloomy and misty), narrow caves that offer the impression of being stuck, and eerie abandoned buildings, the graphics are very well-done.

The rock-climbing sequences were the only part of the game that prevented Someday You’ll Return from receiving a much higher ranking. Another point of contention among players was that some of the puzzles had extremely ambiguous solutions; for example, certain puzzles involve the discovery of some secret objects before they can be solved. This game was only available on PC.

Carrion has a user rating of 8.1 out of 100.

Carrion is a horror game in reverse. You play as a creature stalking the halls of a massive research facility in this 2D side-scroller. Carrion’s creature is a red blob with tentacles that can strike and control items. The scene can become very horrific when this creature enters a room full of people and attacks.

Carrion’s stunning 2D graphics and smooth animation have received the majority of positive feedback. The game’s short duration and occasional lack of specific goals are the main sources of criticism. The Nintendo Switch version has a 76 rating. Carrion is also available for PC and Xbox One, but its Metacritic scores are significantly lower on those platforms.

Amnesia: Rebirth has a user rating of 6.4 out of 80.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is widely regarded as one of the best horror games ever made. Rebirth isn’t quite as good as the original, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. Many reviewers and players praised Rebirth for not being set in the typical spooky forest, haunted house, or Gothic castle that many horror games employ – instead, Rebirth is set in the Algerian deserts.

The game’s somewhat dated graphics are the source of the majority of Metacritic complaints. The score and user rating mentioned above are for the PC edition; the PS4 version received a lower score and rating.

Were you one of the lucky few who got the chance to download and play the popular P.T. demo? If that’s not the case, you’re in luck. Visage was clearly created for all of the gamers who were waiting for the complete version of P.T. to arrive, which never did. This is a first-person game set in a large mansion with four chapters, each focusing on a different past resident of the mansion.

The game’s similarity to the P.T. demo and psychological horror theme were praised by critics and players alike. The most common criticism is that change can be a little too sluggish at times. The PS4 version of Visage has a higher rating, but it’s also available on PC and Xbox One.

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