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How To Find Series & Movies On Netflix, HBO & Amazon Prime?

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Every month in Xataka we review what are the premieres of the main platforms of streaming movies and series that you can find. But today we’re going to go further and we’ll tell you how to find series and movies on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Filmin by yourself using different online tools. 123movies apk can also be used by the android users to find tv series & movies for free.

To begin with we will propose a series of resources with which you can find series and movies that you can see in one or several online platforms. Then we will review the content search processes one by one in each of these four portals.

Find content in each service


If you want to search for series and movies from the browser of your PC or laptop, the best alternative you have is JustWatch . It is a unified search engine capable of searching and filtering titles in the catalogs of the main streaming and digital rental platforms in 31 countries around the world.

This site includes online video clubs such as Filmin, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Microsoft Store or PlayStation. In addition, it also has subscription titles such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Wuaki, MUBI, Atresmedia or Filmin Premium. And that in Spain, but the service also shows you the catalogs of countries like Mexico, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Italy or Japan among many others.


Another alternative you have at your disposal is that of Tviso . Not only does it have a search engine for finding content on multiple platforms , it also allows you to create a collection of movies you want to watch, discover content to suit your tastes or a television guide that you can customize. For this it is necessary to create a user account, but in return gives you social functions such as writing reviews for the content you see.

If you prefer more manual methods, on Twitter you also have several accounts that keep track of the premieres of most streaming services. You have for example the Netflix Rooster , who started to make way and have followed you others as HBO Rooster . In this aspect of locating new content you also have other pages, especially for Netflix, such as uNoGS , Netflixable or Allflix .

And finally, you also have proposals like TV Calendar . Here you create a personal account and add the series you want to see, and show you when they are released on their original platforms. It also has functions like to see which are the latest releases or to propose content similar to the one you like. Its negative point is that if something opens in the US does not tell you where you can see it in another country.

Search for content on the platforms themselves

But you may not want to spend time on these search engines, but search individually for each of the services you have contracted. So, now we are going to explain how to look for your series, movies or documentaries in the official pages Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Filmin

Search for series and movies on Netflix

Where Is The Netflix Finder

We start with Netflix. The search engine has it at the top of the screen once you enter the official website and you identify with your account, and just click on the magnifying glass to release the text field where you type the name of the series , Movie, document the actor you want to locate.

How Results Are Displayed

The results will appear as you type , so the more complete the name you want to locate the less results will appear. When you see the title you want to access click on it in the list, and when you do it you will enter the specific tab of the series or movie in question.

Netflix Series

You will then access the file of the series, film or documentary that you have chosen. It will tell you what it is about, the year it was released and the number of seasons it has in the series. You will also have the button to add to your list, a personalized list where you can add what you want to see. Below you have several tabs to access the episodes, trailers, similar titles and details.

Tab Details On Netflix

Of these tabs, apart from the one of episodes the one that interests you more is the one of Details . In it you will see a list with the creator, directors, cast or genres of the series or movie . Each name and genre is clickable, so when clicking on it you will see more movies and series of the actor or more content of the same genre.

Search for series and movies on HBO

Hbo cover

Now let’s explain to find your favorite series, movies or documentaries on HBO. To get started go to the official website and login with your account to access the catalog. The search option has it on the top right, and you have to click on the magnifying glass icon to open the search box where to find your content.

Hbo Web Search

The HBO page has some flaws when it comes to finding content. For starters, when you perform a search there are no related results , so if you make a mistake with a letter you will not see the series or movie you are looking for. To do so, a small tab will appear just below the search box, and you have to click on it to access the main tab of the content.

Hbo Content Tab

In the tab of content you will see all the information related to the title that you have looked for, including synopses, seasons in the case of the series and information of the distribution. Unlike Netflix here you can not click on the names of the cast , so you will not be able to navigate quickly between the work of your favorite actors or directors.

Search for series and movies on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Home

Now it’s time to review how to find series and movies on the Amazon service. To do this you must first enter the official website of Prime Videoand identify yourself with your Amazon account. Remember that this service is included in Amazon Prime . The search box with the magnifying glass icon has it in the upper right of the web.

No Prediction Of Search Results

In the case of Amazon there is no preview of search results , so until you press Enter after entering a title you will not see if there is anything related. It will then appear the titles that have to do with what you have searched for, and they will appear in mini-format with a button to start watching the series or movie directly. You can also click on the title to enter the main tab.

Amazon Title Sheet

What appears on this tab depends on the type of content that is. The tab of the films is very complete, with names of distribution on which to click to look for the rest of his work. However in the series there is no more link than that of the genres , so the search for more series from one that you like fall pretty well.


But if you go to the tab of a movie and click on the name of a member of the cast you will go to a page like the one you see in the capture. In it you can see the rest of the films in which you have worked so that you can continue enjoying your filmography.

Find Films in Filmin

Filmin Main Screen

And we end up reviewing how you can find your favorite movies on the Filmin website . To start you have to click on the icon of the search engine , which you will have in the upper right of your screen. In this case the search is not done in situ, but when clicking on the magnifying glass you go to the special page of searches.

Search Page In Filmin

In the search page you have a field in which to start writing the title of a series or movie or the name of an actor or director. When you do, below you will start to see related results . In large on the left will appear the main series or movie that fits with what you write, and to the right other results that you can click.

Filmin tab

When you click on one of the movies you will enter your file. In it you will find several actions, the price for which you can rent it, the audios in which it is available and the synopsis. It will also tell you if you have won a prize, and will appear several topics to which it belongs on which you can click to search related content.

Actors And Rest Of Filmin

Just below, at the bottom of the tab you have a section Direction and castwith small photos of those who have appeared in the film. You can click on any of the photos to access a list in which you will see more movies in which have appeared these directors and interpreters.

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